Malakoff Médéric: implementing change
through managerial efficiency

Developing our client’s managerial efficiency and creating networks of expert and project management.

Facilitating the development of managerial skills, creating networks of experts and project management, strengthening human resources management as prime contact for managers professional development, and set the foundations for a « operational excellence approach » in the meantime.
Creating a skills chart for each sector, online evaluation of behaviors and technical skills, in relation with individual development plans and their implementation.
Mapping managerial skills for unit directors and creating a professional training program for human resources.

Collaborators became more aware of their strengths and areas in need of improvement.
This allowed them to evaluate their future progress and to become proactive in their professional development.
Our message focused on the importance of managing a team, of facilitating dialogues within management.
We also restated the important role of the Human Resources department within the organization.

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