We are entrepreneurial, we work together, we share, the julhiet sterwen experience is unique – Join us!

We are an independent consulting group and are demanding an entrepreneur and agile mind, valuing the varied courses, and international initiatives of our employees.

Our constant search for excellence and customer satisfaction is driven by the commitment and belief of our consultants.

Progressing in julhiet sterwen

A different consulting approach

Ana Negara – Consultant

#ChangeManagement ”julhiet sterwen’s work environment is intellectually stimulating, it gives us a different approach of consulting. Our spirit is entrepreneurial, dynamic and engaged for our clients. We know how to provide necessary needs and speak the truth for quality, specially with innovation and digital to help our clients embrace transformation.”

Igor De Langsdorff – Associate Director 

#BusinessConsulting “julhiet sterwen offer, with its people & business complementary, puts us on all the transformation process and secures a best conditions delivery, quickly and sustainably, it’s unique on the market. We are at the beginning of a beautiful story at julhiet sterwen, we are building this story together, with a collective mindset and a human dimension. It’s an exciting opportunity for all to become an actor of this construction, specially with collaboration and skills sharing.“

Speedy and successful transformation

A collaborative, participative and dynamic environment

Maxime Blaire – Senior Consultant

#BusinessConsulting “At julhiet sterwen, we can fully participate in team events, and initiate some ourselves. Everyone can contribute or benefit from a contribution. It can be sharing expertises, experiences, trainings, studies or technology and innovation watch. This involvement helps us progress and get new skills, while contributing to the group’s evolution, also with informal events to see new faces, keep ourselves informed and create new connections, like afterworks, indoor soccer or even poker games!”

Laurette Cot – Senior Consultant

#DigitalWorking “We are in a sharing dynamic… It’s very constructive because we can get involved in internal workshops. For me it’s being the moderator of our own social media, that helps us share, acculturate ourselves to inter-team topics, know each other better and work together for our clients …”

Laurent Gontard – Directeur

#Assessment #PerformanSe “What I like is the diversity of people I can work and interact with; This morning I was in an online meeting with someone in Shanghai then in a videoconference with Australia…”

A regular follow-up, evolutive and international careers

Marie Cornu-Thénard – Manager

#ChangeManagement “Each consultant on a mission is followed up by a manager, at different degrees. One triple goal: to have support in case of any need, to gain autonomy, and to progress in the group. For a junior consultant, it can be regular meetings to help him analyse, deliver and identify alerts. This excellence process serves skills progress and helps everyone to find its place.”

Meritxell Garcia Sein Echaluce – Junior Consultant

#BusinessConsulting “julhiet sterwen first caught my eye on TV during an interview of the management team, I was seduced by the People & Business approach, the international perspective and the distinctively digital orientation of the group. I had the opportunity to join the group after an internship. In my progress in the group, I appreciate that everyone can contribute to the group’s life and growth. The opportunities for career advancement, the chance to work either individually or in teams, as well as the friendly and collaborative atmosphere, make me feel right at home –not to mention the trust I was given when I first joined julhiet sterwen as a consultant intern.”

Andrew Lewis – Manager

#DigitalWorking “I’m on a mission for a major company. I help my client in a digital tools implementation, on a transversal and international project…”

Luc Tardieu – Director

Lisbet Alfonso – Consultant

Bénédicte Ménard – Managing Consultant

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