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    Technology plays a major role in digital innovation, but inventions are worthless without entrepreneurial spirit. Digital transformation implies a revolution in practices and cultures that is becoming critical to companies’ survival. Bootstrapping, design sprints, design thinking, growth hacking and lean start-ups are just some of the buzzwords announcing a new world order.


    In this new paradigm, uncertainty is accepted and seen as a source of opportunities, while an objective observation of consumer habits is the starting point for strategy, and collective intelligence and cooperation in an eclectic ecosystem is the key to success.



    At Julhiet Sterwen Group, the Elia brand stands for expertise in strategic innovation and experience design. We help our clients invent and implement new ways to grow in the digital age:

    • Defining a company’s market and mission in an increasingly digital environment;
    • Creating new “digital by design” business models;
    • Building a start-up ecosystem;
    • Using experiential and collaborative techniques to transform organizations and drive sustainable innovation.