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    Re-thinking customer relations

    Insurance and social security are being deeply impacted by the current changes in our society.

    With the rise in digital technologies and new services, consumer lifestyles are evolving. Expectations have never been higher, especially in terms of customer relations and customer journeys. Traditional channels are no longer enough and must be updated.


    Complexity on its way

    Competition from insuretech, by nature at the cutting edge of innovation and technology, is challenging the incumbent leaders.

    At the same time, regulatory pressure is increasing (e.g. the EU’s Solvency II and insurance distribution directives).


    Insurance experts of all kinds (underwriters, top-up insurers, occupational accident insurers, banks, brokers and assistance companies) are facing challenges that are sometimes entirely new but nearly always complex.


    How best can these companies anticipate and support the changes in insurance roles and skills? Should they develop agility? Introduce innovation processes? Deploy new digital strategies and offer new products and services to attract and engage clients? Switch to paperless processes? Not to mention reduce costs…



    Expertise and innovation for co-build tailored solutions

    Julhiet Sterwen helps insurance and social security experts with all of these issues. Our approach is to co-build tailored solutions, drawing on our strengths. These include an in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry, based on more 20 years of experience with clients in the sector; multi-disciplinary skills; an ability to set up pilots to gather feedback from the field; and expertise in new technologies, which enables us to provide guidance on social learning, big data, robotics, and more…