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    IT project management is one of the fields that have been most impacted by the changes experienced in recent years. In an increasingly engineered environment, systems architecture, project management and day-to-day IT operations are constantly evolving.

    New project teams

    Becoming more agile and holacratic, IT project teams are directly impacted by the increasing importance of user experience and the radical transformation of business models. As they expand to include stakeholders that previously had little involvement, like marketing and HR, they get more and more focused on end-client satisfaction.

    As a result, IT systems are evolving in numerous ways. First, they are becoming more flexible through testing and iterations. Second, they are taking on multiple forms to offer users access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device (ATAWAD). And third, to enable the latest services, they are adopting emerging technologies: augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence (automation and machine learning), business intelligence, data visualization, big data, the cloud, software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), everything as a service (XaaS) and more.


    New roles

    Amid this radical shake-up, the consultant’s role has completely changed. While the traditional focus on costs, quality and lead times remains omnipresent, the scope of responsibility has broadened. Nowadays, IT managers are above all facilitators and sometimes project designers. Expectations of them are higher than ever in terms of service quality, delivery and the ability to promote collaboration between complex functions with sometimes conflicting interests.


    New value

    Today’s consultants work in an environment that is focused on creating value, challenging the status quo and emulating start-ups. At Julhiet Sterwen, we help our clients rise to the challenge from both an IT and a business perspective, bringing an-depth knowledge of the different functions within organizations. We speak the languages of our times to help clients successfully drive the transformation they need to face the future: DevOps, lean start-ups, design thinking… #NoProject?