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    Customer-centric models

    The economic crisis of 2008 rocked the entire financial industry. Nearly a decade later, the banking sector is pursuing its transformation to meet increasingly strict regulation. Banking and finance institutions are modernizing to gradually regain clients’ trust and attract them with new customer journeys in line with changing lifestyles. They are investing in defining and implementing new customer relationship management models or adapting existing operating models to increase profitability.



    High stakes

    In this challenging context, three key objectives are emerging:

    • Improve the client promise with higher-quality solutions and advice, a simpler and more innovative customer journey and more responsive management
    • Adapt infrastructure to new operational models
    • Place employees at the heart of these transformations

    In-depth transformation

    We have been helping the banking industry manage transformation for more than 20 years. Being particularly adept at handling in-depth issues, we help our clients develop the right momentum and agility to manage their projects.


    Our offering is based on:

    • Functional expertise in both retail banking (savings, credit, payment methods, etc.) and investment banking (project financing, financial markets, etc.)
    • An in-depth understanding of the challenges linked to transformation in the banking and finance sector, especially front-to-back office integration
    • An ability to turn transformation ideas and concepts into tangible action
    • Innovation, particularly with the support of Elia by JS
    • Savoir-faire in change management, skills assessment and development, and more