The acceleration in transformations – technological innovation, evolving regulation, changing lifestyles, and new products and services – is shaking up organizations, leading to the emergence of new functions and a different relationship with work.

This means employees need to adopt new tools, methods and ways of working and cooperating, while developing new skills, with even greater speed and innovation.


Scope of action

Our Learning team addresses the challenges of individual and collective skills development to help companies manage change.

As training architects, we assemble a wide range of expertises and take a unique, integrated approach to create tailored, multimodal and most often digital training programs.

Our solutions help build learning organizations by empowering them to improve the employee experience, boost agility and facilitate people’s understanding of the transformations underway.

Specialized learning paths

We have a proven track record in banking, finance, insurance and social protection. We also have a strong presence in the energy and corporate services sectors.
We provide support right from the very fist day of employees in a company, focusing on experiential and digital learning.

Our specialized learning paths cover the following fields:

  • Banking and finance
  • Insurance
  • Regulation, risks and compliance
  • Operational excellence
  • Agility and project management
  • Sales effectiveness and the client experience