Junior Consultant

14Julhiet Sterwen

Junior consultant: what’s the candidate journey?

After considering your application, we will organize a first-round interview by telephone.
You will then take part in one of our regular assessment center events to introduce you to a number of group and individual situations:

  • A work behavior test, TwoB-R, designed by our subsidiary PerformanSe
  • A press review
  • A group case study exercise
  • An individual interview with a partner
  • Meetings with employees from a variety of functions: HR managers, consultants, managers and partners
    The result: rapid feedback from an HR representative.

How will you be onboarded?

We will provide support from the day you arrive at Julhiet Sterwen and all throughout your career. The HR team, along with your direct manager and a mentor , will be at your side to introduce you to your new job, facilitate your integration into the company and help you develop your skills. And numerous events will be organized to make you quickly feel at home at Julhiet Sterwen.
On your first day, you will be greeted by your HR manager. He or she will ensure that you meet with other consultants over the day and will coordinate practical aspects (equipment, contact lists, registration for training and internal events, etc.).
Your HR manager will be your contact for any information you might need and will also get in touch to hear your feedback.
Finally, he or she will lead the onboarding session you will attend when you join the company. During this presentation, which will also be attended by a member of the executive team, you will find out more about Julhiet Sterwen, how we are organized, our assignments, what it’s like to work at the company, and more. Don’t miss it!

Training: a priority

You will quickly take part in our Training Consultant Class (TCC), as well as presentation training. These sessions will help you develop your consultancy skills, providing you with the methods and tools you need to accomplish your assignments.
Throughout your journey at Julhiet Sterwen, you will follow training to boost your expertise on a variety of subjects. In particular, you can sign up to our many in-house training sessions (project management, agility, change management, Lean Six Sigma, and more).