Strategy and design

Public and private organizations have reached a turning point. How can they stay in the race and play a useful role in the future? Radical change is required in terms of strategy, positioning and agility.

Stratégie Strategy 2

Which approach to strategy?

Companies need to rethink numerous aspects:

  • How can we grow in a complex, uncertain world, where technology is lowering the barriers to entry in every market?
  • How can we assume our responsibility to society?
  • What’s the best approach to performance to ensure sustainable growth?
  • How can we keep adapting to evolving market conditions and client expectations? How can we introduce an agile culture and organization
  • How can we accelerate our growth with new markets and new business
  • How can we best use technology and data to support this growth?

No one can be certain of having the right answers, so what’s the best way to proceed?

Strategie et design

A change in the approach

Traditional strategic planning often starts with peer benchmarking, but this is no longer the best approach and can even be counterproductive. Remember that real disruption comes from innovation outside a company’s market.
More than ever, an open mindset is needed, with insights from clients, the market, data, human science and many other sources. Another key to success is internal buy-in. Employees must be engaged in the transformation process.