A new environment and a new approach to consulting

Whether digital, ecological or even democratic, the major changes we are experiencing all have the following in common:

  • A deep-seated need for meaning, driven by a desire to do good for all and sustainably
  • An ever-greater focus on people and group intelligence
  • A more subtle, multifaceted appreciation of value creation and performance
  • An absolute requirement for transparency, truth and sincerity

These transformations have led our society to evolve faster more deeply than ever before, with new needs and aspirations expressed by every generation.

Our approach

Our business model is based on the following choices:

Our business model brings meaning, while being sincere, authentic and firmly focused on people. It is designed to serve our employees, clients and our clients’ employees.


Our commitment: Consulting for Good

It is our responsibility to enable as many people as possible to benefit from our energy, support and skills. We share the fruit of our expertise and research to make the most positive impact possible.

In our business, to ensure that our action is particularly effective, we focus above all on two areas:

  • Transforming markets and businesses
  • Transforming jobs and employability

Sustainable performance

At Julhiet Sterwen, we have always viewed performance as much more than financial achievements, considering it from a very wide range of angles.

For us, performance is measured, for example, in terms of employee engagement, client satisfaction, the level and effectiveness of our research funding, the impact of our innovations, our shared value, employee diversity and our social and environmental impact.