At Julhiet Sterwen, we know we are most effective as a team. With this in mind, we have built a rich ecosystem to help us provide the best possible support to our clients.

Advancing research

How we can stay ahead of the game and keep leading the way?
To anticipate the future, we support research in many ways. In particular, we endeavour to understand how our markets, workplaces and practices will evolve in the future.
Many of our consultants are researchers, doctoral students or PhD graduates working on a range of topics, from robot learning/acceptance to soft skills and neurosciences.
In addition, Julhiet Sterwen is an active partner of think-tanks, such as Institut Esprit Service, created by MEDEF, France’s largest business federation.
We also work closely with schools and universities.
As a co-founder, Julhiet Sterwen funds and cooperates with CNAM’s Human Change Learning Lab.
Through our PerformanSe subsidiary, we are also co-founder of EM Normandie’s “Skills, Employability and HR Decision Making” chair. This was launched in the spring of 2019 to study the evolution of career paths in a fast-changing context driven by digital technology.

Proposing innovative solutions

Nowadays, most innovations are digital by design. Change is constantly accelerating. How can we advise our clients without being directly connected to the digital ecosystem?
Julhiet Sterwen is a recognized, active member of the digital community. We are a founding partner of France Fintech, an association of French fintech leaders. We are a partner or founder of incubators such as 50Partners, and a mentor to start-ups. Through this ecosystem, we are able to offer our clients ever-more innovative and relevant solutions.
Julhiet Sterwen is ranked among the leading digital transformation consulting companies. We do not just give advice on digital transformation. We put it into practice!