How can companies compete with digitally native brands built on artificial intelligence? How can they transform into data-driven organizations? How can they turn their proofs of concept (PoCs) into full-scale businesses? For “traditional” companies, data presents a challenge that calls for radical transformation. Julhiet Sterwen offers end-to-end support to help them rise to the task.

Data : the goldmine of the future

Algorithms are powerful tools for the companies that exploit their potential. They are revolutionizing everyday life for employees and their relations with clients, boosting productivity and offering new sources of growth.
Online giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple have made customer data they key to their market domination and became as powerful as States.

A widespread effort

The transition to the data age requires the same effort as the switch to digital. Organizations need to implement ambitious, proactive programmes, coordinating efforts between every department and every level of the company.

Unlocking the potential of data assets

The right data governance guarantees the quality, integrity, security and ethics of new data. However, corporate data assets are often in poor shape. Algorithms can only perform as well as the quality and depth of the data used.

Data transformation: a comprehensive approach

Data is less about technology than corporate strategy and transformation. Julhiet Sterwen offers a comprehensive approach to data-driven transformation: data transformation strategy, data organization and governance, data asset management, business use cases, regulatory compliance, and more.
We support our clients in several areas:

  • Defining roadmap data, including governance, business models, infrastructure, data quality and business use cases
  • Defining pragmatic, clear and effective data management processes

We work with yzr to transform data into productive, valuable assets. Excubated by Julhiet Sterwen, this start-up applies machine learning to automated data governance (reliability, compliance and reconciliation). The impact is immediate when companies introduce data governance, a data lake, automated flows and APIs.

We help our clients unlock the potential of their data assets.

With Julhiet Sterwen, be “AI ready”!