The convictions we present to our customers… applied to ourselves

At Julhiet Sterwen, we defend the idea that a successful transformation requires an organization’s business model, strategy, organization, management, culture and values to be in perfect alignment. Our group was built on these foundations. We have brought together recognized expertise in each of these fields to create a seamless, integrated organization.
We also believe that the age of traditional, top-down, hierarchical and authoritarian organizations has ended. These structures do not meet companies’ needs for collaboration, empowerment and responsiveness now and especially in the future. We have built an innovative management model that is unique on the market, based on three essentials: trust, common sense and simplicity.

An employee-centric organization

To be customer focused, an organization must also be employee centric.
In contrast with traditional management models, we have applied this principle faithfully, creating an organization that reflects who we are, with:

  • 1 ambition
  • 4 key roles
  • 18 expert communities that employees can freely join
  • 34 rules