Operational Excellence

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Operational Excellence: what are we talking about?

“Operational excellence” is often overused as a term to describe quantitative improvement objectives (productivity and cost savings). But above all, it means nurturing a form of collective intelligence that enables an organization to best serve its clients and employees day to day. In other words, companies empower operational teams and their managers to make ongoing improvements as a catalyst of cultural transformation and growth.

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Operational Excellence: what benefits?

Operational excellence must bring tangible results that can be measured by end clients and internal clients alike, through tailored key performance indicators (KPIs). The qualitative impacts must also be visible on a daily basis in terms of improved working conditions for teams, greater freedom to deliver high value services, and more fluid exchanges between departments.



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What we stand for

We are convinced that co-creation is essential to helping companies successfully overcome these challenges. With each client, we design an entirely specific approach, with objectives, methodologies (lean management, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Hoshin Kanri, etc.), project management, resources and more. Among the services we offer are training, coaching, program/project management and implementation.

As a key driver of cultural transformation in companies, operational excellence also requires strong commitment from leaders, local managers and operational teams.

The end result? A positive, participative dynamic within organizations that are ready and able to accelerate growth. This dynamic perfectly matches digital and innovative approaches (RPA, AI, Chatbot, Robo Advisor….).


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How can we help you?

We provide support in a wide range of areas :

  • Lean Six Sigma training ;
  • Coaching ;
  • Process definition and optimisation ;
  • Best practices ;
  • Continuous improvement ;
  • Visual management and team updates ;
  • Managerial styles ;
  • KPI definition and implementation ;
  • Workshop facilitation techniques ;
  • Workload and team planning ;
  • Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) ;
  • Design thinking, robotic process automation (RPA) ;
  • Digital visual management ;

and more. Contact us!