Change Management

“Resistance melts when exposed to action.”

Change management by Julhiet Sterwen : make people own change

For Julhiet Sterwen, change management is bound to move things around. We do believe that: “Resistance melts when exposed to action.” We even prefer to talk about “concerns” rather than “resistance”, in order to be more positive and broader. In other words, we think that action leads to commitment.
That is why all the people implied into the change process must be quickly set in motion. The diagnosis phase is therefore short and already turned towards motion and adherence.

Change management: beyond adhesion

We do not stick to the classical sociology of the organizations, which grants much importance to all the phases of diagnosis. Regarding the speed of the projects, it is mandatory to imply people quickly in the action. Our ambition is indeed to go beyond mere adhesion: we want people to speak about the project and turn collaborators into ambassadors. To achieve that, we add to classical approaches of change management tools and methods borrowed from internal marketing.

A clear vision of change management

At Julhiet Sterwen, change management is driven by clearly definite objectives which hold in 3 letters: CAP. The idea? To help employees to:

  • Know and Comprehend the challenges of the change ;
  • Act and Adhere to this change ;
  • Participate and Promote the change.

To achieve our customers’ goals, we implement an iterative approach of change in 4 steps: to know, to know how to make, to make and to make know. It is our XChange model. Contact us to find out more!