Client Focus

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What does “client focus” really mean?

For Julhiet Sterwen, client relations are built through every exchange between the company and its clients. The client experience describes what clients feel every time they are in contact with the brand… or would have liked to be. Client focus is a wider concept. In a client-focused or client-centric company, every employee, regardless of their position, is aware of the role they play in providing end customers with a memorable experience.

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Why to focus on clients?

In a global economy that increasingly imposes norms and standards on products and services, a strong client focus has become a key differentiator.

In the past, clients had to deal with a limited choice of products, services and providers.

These days, they are being offered new business models and client relationships, which are changing their expectations. They now want :

  • More immediacy/responsiveness/speed
  • More flexibility/simplicity
  • More personalization

Meeting these needs means rethinking organizations, processes and tools, but the corporate culture and employee mindset are just as critical. Good relations and quality interactions with the brand are more important than ever.