Cultural Transformation

Cultural Transformation consulting : what for ?

Over the last decade, organizations and their employees have been shaken up by external and internal changes at every level : regulatory, geopolitical, technological…Transformation has become a way of life for companies, who have :

Less haste, more speed

Besides agility, speed is now a necessity when it comes to implementing a new business model, or “pivoting” in start-up jargon. In fact, today’s motto is less “a strategy is only as good as its execution” to “a strategy is only as good as its speed.”


Transforming DNA

Where it was once regarded as a natural phase in the life of any organization, transformation is now an integral part of the DNA that enables companies to stand out in an increasingly complex world. Yet the challenges facing organizations are as complex to manage as they are simple to describe :

  • How to accelerate and deepen a cultural change to support the company’s vision and differentiation strategy in a constantly evolving market ?
  • What are the prerequisites for a successful transformation program ?
  • Which methodologies and tools will be the mosy effective ?
  • How to motivate thousands of employees to implement ongoing change ?

The new corporate culture must enable teams to create a virtuous circle of continuous improvement.

Implementing cultural change

With expertise ranging from design and neuromanagement to training and change management, we propose a tailored approach based on empowering employees and facilitating widespread implementation.
Our People Transformation team works to change individual and group habits. This approach draws on neuroscience research, in France through our scientific committee, and worldwide through our network, The Transformation League, and in particular our partner Brio Conseils, a management consulting company specializing in behavior change.

To identify the necessary changes in behavioral patterns and then implement them, we use experiential techniques that promote active assimilation.