5 reasons to join us

We recently conducted a survey of our employees. Here are what they see as Julhiet Sterwen’s key strengths, along with some testimonials.


Bénédicte: “Because it is always seeking innovation and excellence, JS offers the most advanced expertise for managing the diverse and complex issues faced by leaders.”

Alexandre: “I quickly sensed the other consultants wanted to help me learn and share their experience with me.”


Quentin: “I particularly like the management team’s availability and proximity on assignments, as well as their involvement in our day-to-day workings.”

Harmonie: “For me, the human aspect is essential. I joined a company that encourages close cooperation and interaction, with a focus on excellence, knowledge-sharing and team spirit.”


Ana: “Our approach is entrepreneurial, dynamic and focused on our clients.”

Amélie: “What I like about our work is the freedom we have to take initiatives. If anyone has an idea on our assignments or internally, we can make it a reality with our creative colleagues!”


Igor: “The group wants to build on our unique “People & Business” positioning to grow while maintaining a team spirit and friendly atmosphere.”

Marie: “Our focus on excellence helps skills development and enables every individual to find their place.”


Jessica: “JS lets young graduates learn fast in a supportive, friendly work environment.”

Romain: “The partners are keen on preserving a good working atmosphere. I’ve taken part in many events with my colleagues: poker, bowling, after-work parties, etc.”