CFO Advisory

Every finance department faces two major challenges: meeting regulatory requirements and pursuing an ongoing quest for operational efficiency. No less important is the role it plays in driving corporate transformation: at the heart of every decision taken by a company, finance serves as an internal/external provider of up-to-date, accurate figures that enable the best possible decisions to be taken at any given time.

New challenges

To meet these challenges, finance teams need to continually evolve in three main areas:

  • Digitizing and improving the efficiency, quality, reliability and simplicity of traditional services (accounting, consolidation, IFRS, regulatory reporting, asset and liability management, performance monitoring, etc.)
  • Proposing new service offerings to external clients: data production and management, analytics, new methods for monitoring financial performance, etc.
  • Helping employees grow: prepare them for new the roles required of finance experts in terms of skills, practices, contexts and work tools


Tailored solutions

We help our clients in all these areas, co-designing tailored solutions that build on the following strengths:

  • In-depth knowledge of financial departments, which we have been serving for more than 20 years
  • Active monitoring of regulatory developments (IFRS, AnaCredit, liquidity, solvency, etc.) and trends impacting the finance function
  • Expertise in change management and skills assessment/development
  • Longstanding organizational skills and operational excellence
  • Expertise in digital finance and technologies (robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and data technologies)