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Digital innovation: opportunities and challenges!

#ArtificialIntelligence, #data, #blockchain, #IoT, #chatbots and #multichannel are just some of the digital technologies pushing the boundaries at an astounding rate!


Consumer-centric, connected companies have access to a wealth of information allowing them to better understand client expectations… when they know how to use it!


Organizations now have remarkable scope to innovate with increasingly relevant and effective products and services.


How successfully companies manage this digital revolution depends on their ability to meet three key challenges :

1. Deliver products and services with an increasingly short time to market, or risk seeing them become generic

2. Set up a multichannel relationship (any time, anywhere and on any device) to ensure they are omnipresent for their clients

3. Exploit the right IT to satisfy different needs and maintain a high level of technological expertise


IT experts driving digital change

Not just digital and technology teams but every department of an organization is a stakeholder in IT projects and services.


Collectively, they need to ensure short fabrication cycles, integrating the innovations imposed by evolving client needs, enabled by the right processes and methods.


To promote a culture of innovation and deliver on the promise of value, relations between IT and the rest of the company are evolving. Innovation or digital departments are creating a disruptive environment to guarantee agility, and a start-up mentality is gaining ground.


IT departments must be able to use the full range of digital resources to deliver products and services, and ensure that IT systems run smoothly in the long term and at the best cost.


In this 3.0 environment, they also remain in charge of developing and maintaining the core systems that keep companies running smoothly. The architectural and security challenges are intensifying, just like the ongoing quest for financial performance.


Digital technology at your service

Drawing on our research and monitoring, along with our proximity to start-ups, we harness the new digital services and technologies that can make companies more effective. We help IT departments implement and maintain technological assets to generate value for clients. And we provide support for delivering and maintaining new products and services while ensuring continuity in existing offerings.


We also help our clients adapt to new organizational structures focused on an agile culture, and meet evolving demand for IT services in a multichannel, multitechnology and continually transforming landscape.


We plan, secure and manage IT transformation programs to deliver on the promise of value. Thanks to our combination of hard and soft skills, along with our keen understanding of business objectives, organizational methods and team coordination skills, we enable project stakeholders to set priorities and take decisions based on relevant, objective information, and we facilitate project implementation day to day.