Just Week-End 2018

Do you know the JuSt Week-End?

JuSt Week-End: 3 unexpected days by Julhiet Sterwen…

Every year, the Julhiet Sterwen team shares an unbelievable adventure.

You know you are going to spend 3 days with your colleagues… Nothing else… You don’t know where you’re heading. You don’t konw what you are going to do… And you will not find out before the plane lands.

JuSt Week-End Julhiet Sterwen, Ville Mystère

3 days to remember

In 2018, the team was particularly happy to discover that their final destination was Morocco. 3 days in the desert, from Ouarzazate.

Enchanting landscapes…

JuSt Week-End des consultants Julhiet Sterwen_1

Friendly atmosphere…

Just Week-End des consultants Julhiet Sterwen | convivialité

And a gig by the JuSt Rock, Julhiet Sterwen’s rock band

JuSt Week-End | JuSt Rock


You want more? Find out about JuSt Spirit, watching the video below.

See you next year!