Well-being at work: Julhiet Sterwen comes top in the 2023 HappyIndex®AtWork ranking!

The 2023 HappyIndex® AtWork rankings have just been published. Julhiet Sterwen is delighted to have come top in the category of companies with 500-1,000 employees (all industries included).

The company is extremely proud that its employees have clearly expressed how much they enjoy working at Julhiet Sterwen. For us, the HappyIndex® AtWork survey is above all proof of the workplace well-being experienced by our employees.

4.43/5: the overall score for the Julhiet Sterwen employee experience


87.7% employees say they appreciate the quality of human relations, particularly the company’s underlying values, like trust. In fact, Julhiet Sterwen’s business model is built on trust, simplicity and common sense.


85.6% are proud of the services provided to Julhiet Sterwen clients, featuring excellence and challenges!


84.6% are happy to go to the office: our new premises on Rue des Graviers in Neuilly-sur-Seine have made an impact!


We are particularly proud to read that:

  • 84.1% of employees say they are aligned with the company’s values.
  • 82.3% recognize the utility and impact of their work.


A huge thanks to all our employees, more than 75% of whom say they are “Happy at Work”!