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Hub Day Future of Work 2018 : replay

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Hub Day Future of Work brings up talks about digital transformation, with a focus on teams: how is management going to evolve? Collaboration? Training? And much more….

Julhiet Sterwen at Hub Day Future of Work ’18

Along with Julien Lever and Alain Guthauser, from Julhiet Sterwen, we were lucky enough to welcome  Aline Roubaud-de Mengin, from EDF, adn Marianne Descamps, from Linkbynet.

They shared about the new perception people have of time, space and action: more collaboration, new links between people and between people and Ai…

3 topics to remember

  • A new view of corporate culture. The “Etat Major des Armées” underlined that a coporate culture could generate new risks.  Air France explained how they were currently changing their corporate culture thanks to a powerful tool, their new Digital Factory.
  • A new place for managers. Marianne Descamps from Linkbynet told us about the new view people had of work, and how it impacted both the way the teams work together and with their managers.  Colas pointed out how important habits were.  And two coaches and athletes  explained that, according to them, managers had to become coaches and Chief Happiness Officers.
  • A new link between Humans and Machines. Talensoft underlined that now Humans have to consider how they are going to work with machines : what is so special about us? Something that cannot be done by machines? Aline Roubaud-de Mengin shared her work at EDF on that very topic: workshops that help teams working with AI, far from illusions and delusions.


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