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    Honey: first harvest!

    Some moments count more than others…

    • April, 2017: decision made, in the context of our sustainable development policy, to set hives on the roof of our offices in Neuilly sur Seine.
    • September, 2017: installation of 3 hives.
    • August, 2018: first honey harvest.

    JuSt Miel RSE Julhiet Sterwen

    First time we share our harvest

    November, 2018 : party in our offices to celebrate our harvest.

    JuSt Miel RSE Julhiet Sterwen 2

    Why is that ?

    As a company, we can act for the future. We think we even must act for a better future. That is the very meaning of our business:  why anticipate tomorrow if there is no tomorrow? We only have one Earth. We have to save it!

    To know more about what we are commited, click here.