JuSt Rock 12 juin 2018

JuSt Rock: more than another rock band

Listen to the story of the JuSt Rock Band…

“I play the drums.”

“Great! I am a singer.”

That is how the whole story began… On a beautiful summer night, during the Julhiet Sterwen yearly Garden Party, 2 consultants chat about the passion they share. They talk about rock n’roll from the 90’s. And they decide to play together. But two is not enough! The drummer and the singer send a message on the corporate social network. Soon, 6 musicians play together, shortly joined by a 7th.

At first, they only want to spend quality, musical time together. They practice on a regular basis. They quickly master songs… and they want to share them.

So… let’s go! In June, a first gig, for the Julhiet Sterwen team. It is such a great success that another gig takes place during the JuSt Week-End. We want more! In octobre, we gather families and friends…

Hear it out!


Soon, you will learn more about our favorite rock band…