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    Management practices are changing in line with accelerating corporate transformations and evolving employee expectations. Agility, quick decisions, digital technologies and organizational complexity are all shaking up behaviors.
    To help individuals and entire organizations adapt, Julhiet Sterwen offers comprehensive solutions combining individual coaching, group development and e-learning.


    Scope of action

    We work in all areas to improve the interaction between individuals and their organizations. We facilitate the link between people and their company’s strategy by creating buy-in, changing the corporate culture, and increasing employees’ impact and influence. We improve relations between teams by working on cohesion and cooperation. We bring our expertise to management, leadership and well-being at work. Finally, we help companies build their relations with clients through improved skills in client journeys and negotiation. The aim is to create the right momentum for a change in behavior, internal culture and approach, while developing the skills to improve performance and satisfaction at work.


    Our work combines a wide range of means: collective intelligence and group work (seminars, consulting, diagnostics, mentoring, team building events and co-development), skills development and behavioral change techniques (coaching, training, workshops, blended learning programs and operational support) and the full range of digital tools (e-learning, games, psychometric tests, virtual classrooms, videos, etc.)

    Our aim is to create an effective and engaging approach to driving change. To help organizations with their transformations, Julhiet Sterwen develops methods to support leaders, managers and their teams, taking into account their current situation and the steps that need to be taken to achieve behavioral change.