Our manifesto

A new environment and a new approach to consulting

Whether digital, ecological or even democratic, the major changes we are experiencing all have the following in common :

  • A deep-seated need for meaning, driven by a desire to do good for all and sustainably
  • An ever-greater focus on people and group intelligence
  • A more subtle, multifaceted appreciation of value creation and performance
  • An absolute requirement for transparency, truth and sincerity

These transformations have led our society to evolve faster more deeply than ever before, with new needs and aspirations expressed by every generation.

Julhiet Sterwen was founded in 2015 to respond to this radical shift. Its business model, which remains unique to this day, deliberately breaks with the approaches traditionally followed by consulting firms. It is based on strong convictions, the foundations for our work, and a commitment to Consulting for Good.

Our approach

Our business model is based on the following choices:

Committed consulting, specialist skills, in-depth expertise and diversity, drawing on powerful research and development

An innovative employee-centric organization that promotes empowerment, common sense, simplicity and responsibility as individuals and groups

Shared value, in particular through our innovative Share Shares program, which involves donating shares to our employees

A vision of performance that is much wider than financial performance

A strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility

Our business model brings meaning, while being sincere, authentic and firmly focused on people. It is designed to serve our employees, clients and our clients’ employees.