Phygital Employee Experience

The digital workplace: work in progress

Digital transformation has been underway for many now at numerous organizations. What do employees make of it? According to the 2017 Julhiet Sterwen/IFOP Digital Workplace Barometer, 62% see it as a revolution. However, half of them do not feel supported and even perceive a loss of autonomy and performance in this constantly evolving environment. Digital employees are also subject to numerous demands: they must be more collaborative, more communicative and evolve their management styles towards coaching, while continuing to meet the needs of their core business.


The phygital employee experience: delivering on the promise of the digital workplace

In the same way that many companies have launched initiatives to put clients at the heart of their digital approach, special attention must be paid to employees. The teams in charge of the Digital Workplace must help them redefine their ways of working and adopt the new habits enabled by these new working environments. Leaving behind old ways of working in favor of new ones, adapting to new collaboration and management models, and changing the corporate culture… These are just some of the challenges of this new phygital world.


Transforming habits to boost individual and group performance

We are convinced that a successful transformation requires an ad-hoc approach designed in collaboration with the teams and departments involved. In particular, employee support must be tailored (in terms of timelines, tools and processes) since each person will have their own approach to learning and information, and need to go at their own pace.
The phygital employee experience is a change management method that is multichannel, agile, employee-focused, both industrial and individual, and based on a measurement-based culture. This approach enables new digital and managerial practices to be adopted individually and collectively for an in-depth transformation in work habits and the collaborative environment.