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    Organizations need to evolve!

    In today’s business, immediacy and unpredictability have become the norm. Organizations that are hierarchical, bureaucratic and silo-based are no longer suited to meeting the constantly changing needs of their markets.

    When they remain static, companies become disconnected from their clients and lose market share. Transforming into adaptable organizations that can constantly evolve is essential to staying in the game.


    The agile, client-focused organization

    Companies’ futures depend on their ability to respond to market needs, adapt and innovate. To achieve this alchemy, they need to create the right conditions for mobilizing every resource and refocusing on end clients. This means empowering employees to engage, collaborate, be creative and speed up time to market. In short, organizations need to become agile.


    The keys to a successful transformation

    Free companies, holocracies, “freemium” services like Spotify, and agile companies are just some of the organizational models that have sprung up to meet new needs for corporate adaptability. They all point to the need for profound organizational changes: breaking down silos, shifting towards management styles focused on empowerment and collective intelligence, and introducing new forms of governance. Which model is right for a particular organization and why? Is it really possible to apply a “cookie-cutter” approach?

    Our experience has led us to two convictions: there is no single right solution or universal target, and employees must be the drivers of transformation.

    We help clients transform into agile organizations by designing a tailored target agile operating model and implementation plan, based on a unique methodology. The aim is to engage employees from the earliest phases of transformation, using co-design and mobilization techniques to build a model that will achieve buy-in throughout the company.