Grow at your own pace


An environment conducive to individual growth

We believe that employee onboarding starts with the very first contact. That’s why the HR manager you meet during the recruitment process becomes your HR counselor throughout your career at Julhiet Sterwen. You can always count on them to answer your questions and listen to you in complete confidentiality.

Your HR counselor, who will meet with you early in the recruitment process, is a manager from one of the communities of expertise you may choose to join. This colleague will be your resource for understanding how the company works. They will help you design your career path and share their experience with you.

Facilitating the development of expertise, these communities are another important resource for employees. Open to exchanges, they are also linked by cross-company groups working on shared topics.


Versatile training

At Julhiet Sterwen, training takes on many forms to adapt to the needs of each employee.

Of course, it includes core training modules that enable our organization to share a culture and approaches, from soft skills to methodologies. For example, JuSt Manager is a program aiming to provide all our managers with a comprehensive understanding of the processes they will be involved in, and especially help them adopt the right attitude in any situation.

You can also benefit from specific training suited to your profile, aspirations and responsibilities, to boost your expertise, methodology and soft skills. This theoretical training, which is often certified and carried out externally, is reinforced by personalized support and coaching in every relevant area.

For example, we’ve designed a unique business co-development program, allowing small groups of consultants to receive advice from Marc Sabatier and Julien Lever[link to their LinkedIn profiles?], and share their questions, doubts, difficulties and successes in business development.

Transparent, fair performance reviews

Since 2020, Julhiet Sterwen has carried out quarterly people reviews. Companies typically review employee performance every 12 months, but our system adjusts the pace to each profile, accelerating certain careers with assessments at three, six or nine months. These people reviews are carried out across all our communities, enabling a standardized approach for all employees, especially in terms of our pay policy.

In addition, we attach great importance to transparency, clearly communicating our variable pay scheme to all employees and sharing monthly indicators for monitoring progress with all the managers concerned.

Finally, because Julhiet Sterwen is above all an entrepreneurial project, in 2018 we set up a unique employee share scheme, Share Shares, to award free shares to employees annually.