Just Life

Projets internes

Projects within the Group

Interested in improving the onboarding process with the HR Team? Feel like working with several communities at the same time? Want to share your knowledge? Or to find out more about trendy topics such as AI?

At Julhiet Sterwen, you can get involved in projects you are interested in. Work on the topics you  like! Myriads of projects bloom in the group, waiting for you to get on board!

Afterwork JuSt Rock

Julhiet Sterwen : consultants at heart

Consultants make suggestions, in every field, starting with internal activities.

You want to share your passion for poker? Golf? Drama? Go ahead! Tell us about it… and set up an event!

Média 1

Find out about our internal events

Every month, friendly events are organized, for us to get together.

And do you know about the JuSt Week-End? Every year, all the employees spend 3 incredible days together. They will not know where they go… until they are gone…  3 key words? Surprises, happiness and sharing.