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    Today’s Change is different from yesterday’s. We thus introduce our 8 convictions regarding Agile Change.

    Conviction #1:  Good buzz promotes change!

    We believe the best people to promote your project are its contributors and beneficiaries. Our aim is to create positive word of mouth and break down resistance, by encouraging people to talk about the project.


    Conviction #2: An iterative approach works best!

    • The four steps of our approach can be taken simultaneously at each phase of the project.
    • To change, people need time: change starts when the project is in the preparation phase!


    Conviction #3:  Variety keeps people interested!

    In our view, a successful approach combines communication with training, and group training with individual support.

    Blended Change offers a complete approach for different expectations.

    Conviction #4:  End users are not the only target of change!


    Conviction #5:  Every change program needs a network of supporters.


    Conviction #6:  Managers play a key role in driving change… and need support!

    Conviction #7:  To drive change, strategic workforce planning is as important as communications and training.

    Conviction #8:  Change must be monitored, just like the project!

    To manage a project, performance indicators and dashboards are essential. Every context calls for its own tools: for change management, we use our change barometer, which measures progress on specific targets throughout the process.