Julhiet Sterwen: platinum CSR

Julhiet Sterwen is delighted to announced it has once again earned a Platinum medal from EcoVadis, the global leader in sustainability performance assessment. Awarded in January 2020, this medal aims to recognize companies that have reached the highest standards, or the top 1%. Julhiet Sterwen has systematically achieved this performance.

Our company is particularly proud of this award, which recognizes the importance we have always placed on CSR as part of our DNA.


What is EcoVadis sustainability performance assessment?

Since its first days in 2015, Julhiet Sterwen has requested an annual EcoVadis assessment. This assessment covers all areas of CSR, divided into four themes: the environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and responsible procurement. For each theme, the company must provide concrete evidence of its policies, actions and indictors.


CSR at Julhiet Sterwen

CSR is at the heart of Julhiet Sterwen’s DNA and demonstrated across the organization. It’s a mindset, an approach to different situations that considers the long-term interests of all our stakeholders in every decision and action we take.

In other words, CSR guides our choices day to day, from the energy we use in our offices to our client focus.

To find out more, discover our CSR report in French.


Consulting for Good

Consulting for Good is Julhiet Sterwen’s shared commitment to doing good, doing things well and enjoying the process.

We want to make a difference on all our projects.


Julhiet Sterwen: a purpose-driven company

Julhiet Sterwen’s mission was defined by employees in 2018: to commit to current and future transformations creating sustainable value for, with and according to all stakeholders, because we firmly believe in people.

In 2022, we decided to become an entreprise à mission or mission-driven company, as defined by French law.