Experienced Consultant

The candidate journey: a three-step process

  • An initial interview, with a HR, to discuss your experience and ambitions and provide feedback on our test combining cognitive and behavioral approaches (TwoB-R, designed by our subsidiary PerformanSe )
  • A second interview, with a manager or director, to confirm your skills with a case study exercise
  • A third interview, with a director or partner, to confirm your potential for growth at Julhiet Sterwen group

Interview tips to help you prepare

  • Organize and present what you want to say. Be clear about your experience and skills
  • Show your motivation… and explain it! Present your plans, your expectations and why you are interested in Julhiet Sterwen
  • Ask questions if you need more information about our organization and assignments or what it’s like to work at the company
  • Be yourself!
17Julhiet Sterwen

Your career at Julhiet Sterwen

Julhiet Sterwen offers personalized career paths. Your development at the company is based on merit and excellence. In addition to excellent performance on your assignments, we look for a number of possible commitments:

  • Contributing to business development
  • Managing more junior consultants
  • Developing high-quality projects within the group and your communities


Keys to success

To meet these challenges and develop your skills across the board, we offer an environment that is conducive to sharing and learning.

  • You will receive support applying our sales methods through our Commercializer training journey.
  • You will develop your management skills through our Management Style training and Training Manager Classes (TMCs).
  • You will boost your expertise by actively contributing to the research carried out by your communities.
  • You will also have access to Julhiet Sterwen experts and in our different fields and at every level of management.