HR Advisory

The Human Resources department is facing an exceptional wave of transformations in terms of its roles, technologies, regulation and the social environment. The traditionally long-term approach taken by HR experts no longer fits the fast pace of digital transformation, with social learning, big data, digital work places, and so on. Needs have accelerated, while the means allocated to HR continue to drop. In this context, it is increasingly difficult for CHROs to fulfill their role as a business partner and driver of transformation.



A new vision

Faced with these challenges, the HR department needs to both reinvent certain activities from a new angle and uphold the fundamental principles of fairness and compliance.

Employees are being recruited through new channels.

Management and reward systems must become more agile and collaborative.

Forward planning is increasingly involving the different internal departments, becoming workforce planning.

Skills development and culture building are becoming critical issues for management teams, who need to update their practices toward more autonomy and innovation.

Training is becoming digital, collaborative and customized.

Talent management needs to integrate social networks and big data.



Combining different approaches

To help CHROs with their transformation, we believe it is vital to strengthen the links between the vision of business challenges, the HR policy, the reporting hierarchy and employees. “Hard” approaches to organizations, processes and HRIT must be combined with “soft” approaches to skills, cultures and behaviors. To be effective, HR management must be simple and pragmatic, working closely with sponsors from different departments and employees. Julhiet Sterwen offers unique expertise on the French market in HR consulting and change management, to boost collaboration between HR professionals and different departments, and provide support to teams in the field.