Julhiet Sterwen: two new partners appointed to lead the company’s digitalization business

Julhiet Sterwen has appointed Patrick Léger and Mahdi Belrhiti to the role of partners in charge of digitalization expertise, an area of significant ongoing business in which the company is particularly well known on the market.

Marc Sabatier, CEO of Julhiet Sterwen, explained, “Our clients greatly appreciate Julhiet Sterwen’s digitalization expertise, so it was logical for us to entrust this business to two new partners capable of supporting impressive growth in this area. As they have worked their way up at the company, Mahdi Belrhiti and Patrick Léger have demonstrated all the right qualities. In addition to their strong digitalization skills, they share Julhiet Sterwen’s Consulting for Good values and ‘business and people’ vision.

Julhiet Sterwen is a digitalization leader with clients across every sector on projects such as archiving, records management, process redesign and automation. The company is also expert at information management and governance, knowledge management and sharing, industry 4.0 and construction 4.0.

In mobilizing this expertise, the company can help organizations with their strategic challenges, from boosting client satisfaction to reducing lead times for new product design, bringing tangible value to their business. For example, Julhiet Sterwen excels at reducing logistics costs, eliminating gaps in processing, reducing low-value logistical tasks and saving time in information searches.


Julhiet Sterwen’s digitalization team will be led by new partners Mahdi Belrhiti and Patrick Léger.

Patrick Léger has more than 20 years of experience supporting clients with integrated logistics. After starting his career in 1996 at a major IT services company, he joined a consulting firm, where he developed expertise in electronic document management and product lifecycle management (PLM). He joined Parker Williborg in 2005 after a period at a major defense company representing logistical support functions in its PLM program. There, he helped market leaders including Areva, Société du Grand Paris, VNF, RATP, CNR, ENGIE and Bouygues Construction with their transformations. In 2006, he designed an innovative digital twin approach to support physical assets well before the appearance of building information modelling (BIM). Since Parker Williborg’s integration into Julhiet Sterwen in 2016, he has continued to help clients with major transformations, focusing on making the changes inherent in any project successful.

Mahdi Belrhiti began his career in 2005 as a knowledge management and enterprise content management consultant. After three years at Unilog Management, he joined Parker Williborg in 2008 as a manager, accelerating the company’s development in already fast-growing areas. There he acquired skills in digitalization and the real-estate sector, working for major companies like Nexity, Icade, Kaufman & Broad, Vinci Construction and AEW Europe. At the same time, he specialized in electronic billing. Since Parker Williborg’s integration into Julhiet Sterwen in 2016, Mahdi has carried out many assignments in the fields of diagnostics, project scope management, process digitalization and large-scale program management. He is driven by a focus on people, supporting employee development and delivering expertise and results to ensure client satisfaction.