Replay : Future of work, is your business ready ? A webinar by the TTL

As part of supporting our clients and our business communities given the impact of COVID-19, the Transformation League (TTL) has hosted an international webinar entitled Future of work, is your business ready ? The aim was to explore new ways of working and the challenges and opportunities the global pandemic has presented for many businesses.


3 partner members of TTL joined forces :  Peoplesource Consulting, TMS Consulting and Julhiet Sterwen, to offer perspectives from an international panel of special guests.

  • Dotun Adako, Group Head, Human Resources at BUA Group
  • Merrilyn Strohfeldt, CEO, Darling Downs and West Moreton Private Health Network
  • Philippe Bonnet, Global Vice President, Human Resources, HRBP Finance & Head Learning & Development for ESSILOR.

The main lesson learnt on future of work  ?

  • It is clear that globally we are all experiencing the same issues.
  • Non-traditional ways of working are now here to stay.
  • We need to build capacity and capabilities; upskilling employees will be critical.
  • Digitalisation is here to stay and people will be at its heart.
  • Employee well-being is important, especially since uncertainty, health and social welfare challenges persist.
  • We are moving from hierarchical structures to more agile and egalitarian structures.
  • We are moving from a culture of presenteeism and managing processes to one that focuses on output and outcomes.
  • Creating a sense of belonging, focusing on psychological safety and how we maintain values and collaboration whilst employees are working remotely is very key for organisations moving forward.

Find out more below with the replay of our webinar on future of work!

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