State of mind

At Julhiet Sterwen, we are convinced innovation is above all a state of mind achieved by curiosity, pragmatism and openness to others. It cannot be forced but it can be encouraged with the right culture – one that nurtures goodwill, respect, initiative, trial and error, cross-functional teamwork and collective intelligence.

Of course, innovation also requires specific skills and expertise: a strong digital culture, unique innovation methodologies and continuous monitoring of new lifestyles and emerging technologies.

Digital culture

At a time when the majority of innovations are digital by design and the pace of change is constantly accelerating, we need to be in touch with the digital ecosystem if we are to bring the best advice to our clients. Julhiet Sterwen is both active in the digital community and recognized for its activisim, as a founding member of France Fintech, a member of France Digitale, a partner of incubators, a mentor of start-ups and a digital transformation consulting company that ranks among France’s best. We do more than give advice on digital innovation. We drive it!


Innovation methodologies

How can we ensure an innovation is attractive to its users, creates value for the company and is integrated into its existing organization and processes? Julhiet Sterwen has developed unique methodologies and innovation frameworks, from its Start-up EphemèreTM approach to “excubation” processes for innovation projects and its own internal incubator,

Looking to the future

Disruptive innovation is often found at the intersection of socio-cultural tension and emerging technologies, which is why the Group puts people at the heart of innovation. Julhiet Sterven is co-founder of the CNAM Human Change Learning Lab and partner of MEDEF’s Institut Esprit Service think-tank, which are both focused on empowering people through innovation.