Technology and People at work, Reshaping HR

Julhiet Sterwen and Top Employers Institute offer you their third White Paper dedicated to Human Resources.  This White Paper“Technology and People at Work, Reshaping HR” was originally published in French. The Top Employers Institute’s global network and Julhiet Sterwen’s, The Transformation League, have been mobilised to explore and present the most remarkable innovations.

Why this subject ?

From GPS to virtual reality games, from Netflix to Alexa, new technologies continue to shape our daily lives. The same is true at work. This White Paper explore how new technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, have been impacting HR.

  • What is the status of digital transformation in HR?
  • What innovations in HR tech have been implemented in 2020? What are the results?
  • How can Artificial Intelligence and Big data help both HR and the employee experience?
  • How can these new technologies be used to support sustainability and promote agility?

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